Il Borro Wedding - Alie & Judson Luxury Wedding

Il Borro Wedding – Alie & Judson Luxury Wedding

An Unforgettable Wedding at Il Borro

Nothing speaks romance quite like the rolling hills, picturesque vineyards, and lavish architecture of Tuscany. This beautiful region of Italy was the perfect wedding destination for couple Ally and Judson’s big day. Based in Chicago, USA, this young couple had always dreamed of an Italian wedding with incredible wine and authentic cuisine.

When choosing the venue that would meet all their expectations, Il Borro was truly the perfect choice. This quiet countryside estate provided all that this couple desired to achieve an intimate and luxurious setting for which they would say “I Do.”

With the help of the very talented Erin Lindeman, a luxury wedding planner, the entire wedding was a flawless work of art. The designs spoke of pure elegance and were curated to fit exactly what this couple had in mind. Erin did an amazing job of bringing all Ally and Judson’s ideas to life! Further, due to Erin’s extensive experience in planning weddings across the globe, the day went smoothly with absolutely no mishaps. No wedding horror stories here!

I must also mention the beautiful selection of flowers provided by a local high-end floral designer, Stiatti Fiori! The flower arrangements are such a personal and critical touch that tie in all the other designs. It was a magical setup to say the least!

As a photographer, having all the wedding elements tie together so effortlessly makes my job that much more enjoyable. Because when the bride and groom are happy with every aspect of their big day, they smile even brighter! It was truly such a special day to celebrate Ally and Judson and capture every detail from their dream wedding. Il Borro’s eye-catching landscapes and venue settings served as the ultimate background for the countless wedding photo’s I was able to snap throughout the day.

A huge shoutout and thank you to Ally and Judson for trusting me to preserve these wonderful memories through my photography. The task of a wedding photographer is one I do not take lightly; it is of great importance for me to help you create these amazing moments and ultimately provide you and your family with a lasting visual legacy!

Interested in planning your wedding at the legendary Il Borro in Tuscany? The task itself can seem incredibly overwhelming, which is why I created a short but insightful list of tips to help you plan your very own dream Italian wedding!

3 Tips for Planning the Perfect Tuscany Wedding at Il Borro

  • Build Your Ultimate Inspiration Board

In this day and age, your wedding can flaunt pretty much any detail you desire. From designs to floral arrangements, food options, and ceremonial activities, you can have it all. However, you must develop a solid base of ideas. Start finding inspiration online! Pinterest is a great place to find unique ideas that best match your personality and even some Google searches. Be on the lookout for desired color schemes, decorations, cake ideas, ceremonial practices, etc. It is very important when presenting your ideas to the venue and your wedding planner that you have various options. This will allow you and your planner to figure out all the details to ensure you are getting everything that you want and all within your budget!

  • Find An Experienced Wedding Planner

Luckily, when you book your wedding at Il Borro, they line you up with a well-experienced and talent wedding planner if you do not already have one in mind. This can be a huge stress reliever! On your big day, you won’t want to be worrying about all the nitty gritty details, that’s why you should always leave it up to the experts! So, what makes the “right” wedding planner? Ideally, someone who fully understands your vision and has the experience to actually bring your vision to life! There are countless talented wedding planners around Tuscany that live and breathe dream weddings.

  • Find A Wedding Photographer Who Focuses on Storytelling

When you are looking back on your wedding album 10, 20, or even 50+ years down the line, you will be so thankful you chose to go with a high-quality photographer!

If we haven’t met yet, hi there! I’m George Novac and wedding photography is my passion! Through my accumulated techniques and experiences, I know how to tell the story of your wedding as it unfolds through photography. From the moment you start preparing your hair, makeup, and outfits, to the end of the night when you leave the event as a married couple, I am there to capture it all! It is my greatest honour to hear out all your desires and seek them through. My work is completely focused on YOU!

Feel free to reach out to me at any time, I’m ready to help you build your timeless wedding photo album!

The lovely Il Borro wedding of your dreams is achievable! If you follow these three simple steps, you will be pleasantly surprised at how everything else falls together! Just remember, build your inspirations, and find the right planner and photographers for your specific desires.

Happy Wedding Planning!

If you are interested in my services, please get in touch.

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