for daydreamers and those in love with art

You look for someone who can tell the story of your wedding as it unfolds, with a unique, modern, and authentic style. You want to feel 100% stress-free and be yourself when you get the camera in front of you. You are a daydreamer, an artistic soul, and a sunset lover, and all you need are authentic memories of your wedding without getting worrying.

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I do care about your story

What is a good story? What really means for you having your wedding told as it unfolds? For me it means a lot, is my big why. Add a modern, romantic, unique, detail and emotions focused style and you get what you probably looking for.

"Tell a better story" is my mantra, my mission.

I am a photographer and visual story teller.

I am truly and in depth in love with storytelling, human connection and travel. The way two souls express their emotions when they feel 100% at their ease fascinates me and pushes me more to tell stories in a better way.

The Experience

Clients Testimonials

Camilla P.

In our work we often deal with photographers. We can say that George impressed us a lot with his professionalism, passion and sensitivity.

He came to the wedding day very prepared. He wanted to meet us beforehand to get to know us and better understand what we wanted. He made a careful inspection of the location and inquired about every detail of the day.

His work was very sensitive and his presence never invasive. He was able to capture the best of all of us in the most beautiful atmospheres. He took care of even the smallest details, such as the position of objects in a room. We do not like to be in front of the camera but George, with great patience, was able to put us at ease and make us have fun.

The result is a work of great quality and a wonderful memory of a day so dear to us.

We highly recommend George for your wedding.