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Planning an Unforgettable Italian Wedding | The Cost of Getting Married on Lake Como

Planning An Unforgettable Italian Wedding

If you are planning your dream Italian wedding and want to explore a Lake Como wedding further, then keep following along! This guide will walk you through the ins and outs of this prized location. From expected costs to venue selections, I’m here to give you all the inside tips on The Cost of Getting Married on Lake Como and Planning An Unforgettable Italian Wedding.

No location speaks of romance and beauty quite like the coast Italy! While there are countless breathtaking spots to get married in Italy, Lake Como has quickly become one of the most popular wedding destinations. With picturesque views everywhere you look, it’s no wonder Lake Como is deemed the perfect place to say your vows.

Where is Lake Como?

The Cost of Getting Married on Lake Como
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Just an hour drive north of Milan, Lake Como is located in the northern region of Lombardy. Not only does it hold the title of the third-largest lake in Italy, Lake Como is also home to many award-winning resorts and wedding venues. Sitting at the base of the alps, you can expect to be surrounded by impressive vistas, deep blue waters, lush greenery, and historic villages. What more could you ask for?

Lake Como Wedding Venues

Lake Como is known for its high-end, luxury venues. Luckily, there are many options to meet your specific needs and desires. I’ve compiled three of the most impressive wedding venues Lake Como has to offer. I know you’ll love them!

Villa Balbiano

Villa Balbiano
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This 18th century, privately owned villa sits lakeside in the small town of Ossuccio. This location boasts eye-catching history from all angles. You can expect panoramic lake views, manicured gardens, calming fountains, pergolas, and magnificent trees. Alongside its inspiring views of Lake Como and the luscious landscapes, the venue itself is mid-century modern at its finest. You will be wowed by the original frescos on the walls and ceilings that have been carefully and meticulously restored. Crystal chandeliers, antiques, and paintings make Villa Balbiano truly one-of-a-kind!

Key Features: direct access to lake, private dock for your guests to arrive, private chef, and seats up to 200 guests. This property can be rented in 24-hour or 3-day windows, providing an all-inclusive experience for you and your guests.

Villa Pizzo

Villa Pizzo

This is another extraordinary lakefront property, located in the village of Cernobbio. Villa Pizzo is known for its elegant gardens and impressive architecture. The most popular “I Do” spot at this venue is on top of the ‘Darsena’ boat house. The views here are incredible; you will feel on top of the world! Villa Pizzo offers various large spaces. With these spaces comes endless opportunities to create the exact atmosphere you desire. Whether you prefer the vast surroundings of the lake, or a more intimate garden feel, this venue is sure to deliver.

Key Features: greenhouse, gardens with exotic plants, lakefront dining, and holds up to 200 guests.

Hotel Villa D’Este

Villa D'este

Do you dream of a symbolic wedding? Hotel Villa D’Este a luxury hotel fit for royals. In fact, it has an impressive historical guest list of royals and the upper classes. Once you see the grandeur of this location, you will quickly see why. The backdrops that Hotel Villa D’Este offers are a photographer’s dream! Acres of gardens, mountains, and of course…lake views. This venue is an ideal location for those who prefer seclusion and extra privacy at your ceremony. Needless to say, you will feel right at home at this opulent and secluded property!

Key Features: world class golf courses, vintage artifacts, stone balconies, exquisite cuisine, and seats up to 200 guests.

Let’s Talk Cost

Lake Como is known for its opulent and luxurious wedding experiences. With these high-end experiences you can often count on a significant price tag. So, what should you really expect? I have included some of your typical wedding expenses and respective pricing. Remember, these estimates can vary depending on venue, guest list, length of reception, etc.

Let’s break it down. On average, you can expect to spend:

Venue- £17,000-£48,000

Food- £8,000-£16,000

Hotel Room- £448/night

Transportation- £8,000

Entertainment- £22,000

Photographer- £5,000

In the grand scheme, how much does a Lake Como wedding cost?

Typically, Lake Como weddings can average a total of £270,000. While there are options to meet many different budgets, Lake Como does pride itself on offering the best of the best. These lavish venues will make a lasting impression because of their exclusive offerings and location.

Final Thoughts + Lake Como Wedding Tips

Here’s a few extra tips for planning your Lake Como wedding:

Date selection – picking the best time of year when Lake Como will deliver the best weather is very important. For the best weather and most sunshine, wedding planners often recommend the summer months, May-June. 

Finding the right photographer- with views like these, you’ll want an experienced photographer who knows how to capture your wedding and the elements with ease! Make sure you get in touch with me in time to check your date!

Go with local cuisine- you won’t regret it! The cuisine offerings on Lake Como are excellent. Trust the chefs and allow them to bring Lake Como to your tastebuds!

All in all, if you are looking for that fairytale wedding, Lake Como will surely offer it to you. There is not one bad view in sight! With deep blue waters, colourful gardens, and historical architecture everywhere you look, you won’t be disappointed.

For one of the best days of your life, you can trust Lake Como to deliver your dream wedding! Villa Balbiano, Villa Pizzo, and Hotel Villa D’Este are some of the most popular venues and for good reason. They showcase all that Lake Como has to offer, in their own unique ways.

Lake Como is all about privacy, elegance, colour, and inspiring water views. It is truly a gem of Italy!

Happy wedding planning!

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