An intimate wedding among a few selected guests, a historic villa in the hills of Colle Umberto, that of Verecondi Scortecci, a prestigious seventeenth-century Venetian villa, located in the hills of Colle Umberto, in the province of Treviso, which was the setting for this enchanting wedding and reserved.
I met Camilla by chance, it was immediately an understanding. Together with Sebastian they form a simple and very united couple. They are two architects and together they decided that getting married where the heart beats was the right choice.
A simple and neat dress, the one chosen by Camilla, went wonderfully with the overall atmosphere. One of the advantages of being a wedding photographer is that you can experience a wedding as if you were a guest. I personally like to blend into the crowd and not be noticed, this allows me to document the wedding with a style all my own.

The preparation of the groom is not to be neglected, even if you often do not want to be photographed while getting ready I can assure you that the remorse of not having done so will haunt you for a long time. It is not necessary to pose or do somersaults, pretending that the photographer is not even there is the best strategy for natural photographs. The ceremony was enjoyable to say the least, the bishop’s speeches touched your heart.
We decided to do the portraits inside the garden of the villa at sunset.
During the portrait session I always try to let the couple enter what I call “the bubble”, that is a space all their own where they can express all their emotions and really be themselves.
I leave you now to the pictures that I hope you will like as well as the couple.