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As a photographer in Santorini, I just can’t believe my luck – it is a place that will capture the heart of the most hard-to-please, making an excellent destination for the romantic at heart.

What Santorini has to offer honeymooners

Everything about the island of Santorini is truly spectacular: from the moment that you first glimpse it from the ferry that you are riding towards it on, you will be in awe of its towering, stunning cliffs, brought to life by whitewashed houses that pepper them, and the warm-hearted people within the houses that are set to welcome you to its azure blue shores.

As the island is volcanic, it has some of the most spectacular black volcanic beaches that you will ever see. They make you feel as though you have been transported to a treasure island, filled with happiness, awe-inspiring views, and outstanding food.

This island has everything that an intrepid explorer could possibly want, from the beauty of the caldera in Oia, Santorini, to the excavated Minoan site at Akrotiri, this place is the stuff of legend – quite literally, as the Minoan site that was buried deeply beneath the volcanic eruption of 1600BC is said to be the source of the Atlantis legend.

What to eat and drink in Santorini

There is nothing like wine tasting to help you to get acquainted with the locality of a destination, and Santorini is no different. For 15 Euros, you can visit local places such as Estate Argyros to have great fun together as a couple. The wine here has the flavors of honey and lemon.

Even though this island is small, they managed to fit on something quite important – a wine museum. You can get better acquainted with the history of wine-making on the island at the Koutsoyannopoulos Wine Museum.

Which beach to visit in Santorini

Perivolos has sand that is quite spectacular, blackish volcanic sand, and the beach itself lends itself to privacy and therefore plentiful romance. I recommend heading to the southern inland coast to watch some of the most spectacular sunsets that you will ever see.

Hiring a Santorini photographer for your honeymoon

Hiring a professional photographer in Santorini makes the magical days last forever in beautiful photos that capture an enchanted moment in time.

You can imagine my delight when my great friend, Giulia, asked me to shoot her honeymoon shots in Santorini – I had the opportunity to combine the love of my friend with my love of this spectacular destination, whilst celebrating the love of these two incredibly special people.

As a photographer in Santorini, a great pleasure of mine is to capture the deep connection and energy between a couple and translate it into a timeless visual. It is an art form that makes me feel alive, and when I know that I have achieved the desired effect, there really is no feeling that rivals it.

We captured the love between Giulia and her husband on the Skaros Rocks, and on the church within the mountain range. As the heady heights and salty sea air hit our noses, it was hard to not get carried away in the splendor of the place – it was utter magic.

The Aegean Sea lapped against the base of the steep mountains as we began the photoshoot, the result of which you can see below:

If you’d like to create your own Aegean Sea daydream honeymoon or wedding photoshoot, please get in touch with me by following the steps on this form. I’d love to hear from you, creating the most idyllic photoshoot for my clients is my passion.



Intimate Santorini Honeymoon Session | Santorini Photographer

Intimate and elegant, Giulia's and Marco honeymoon in Santorini was very inspirational for me. I fall in love with the elegance of this place, his colors and mood and this was the fil rouge for their photos. I hone you enjoy visiting this page.