Elopement Destinations In Italy


Why to elope to Italy?

There are thousands of reasons to visit Italy but there are millions to elope here in Italy. The warm sun, lovely people, maybe the best food in the world and the unique panoramas that we have in Italy are just a few of the reasons to elope in Italy. We are the creators of ” la bella vita” because Italy is such a romantic place that you can even breath love wherever you go.

Who am i?

As you already know, i am a wedding and elopement photographer based in Venice but available worldwide. My couples came all over the world the get eloped here in Italy and usually they wild souls and day dreamers. People who believe in that everyday magic, just like me.

Northern Italy Elopement Destinations

Northern Italy is famous for having the most romantic city in the world and some of the most beautiful mountains. It’s a unique pearl full of old and medieval cities, small villages and museums. These is my personal choise of northern Italy elopement destinations: Dolomites, Venice, Verona, Garda Lake, Como Lake, Milan, Turin, Bergamo.

Central Italy Elopement Destinations

Central Italy is kinda open air museum. You can literally get lost in Rome or Florence in these tiny little streets find book shops, local food and many many more. Some of the top central Italy elopement destinations are: Rome, Florence, Pisa, Chianti Hills, San Marino, Pesaro Urbino.

Southern Italy Elopement Destinations

Southern Italy is the land of good food and sea, warm light and lovely people. When you go to southern Italy it’s like being to your grandmother, trust me. Never refuse a caffe in southern Italy, never! These are some amazing southern Italy elopement destinations: Sicily, Amalfi Coast, Pantelleria, Naples.

Off course, there are a lot of other locations to elope in Italy. These are just a few of my favourites. It’s important to find the location that is perfect for you and how you envision your day.

As an Italy Elopement Photographer, one of my main work is to craft the elopement of your dreams and scout for locations for you and find some hidden gems to exchange your vows.

If you would like me to help you in the process of crafting your dream elopement don’t hesitate to contact me and tell me about your plans!

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