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Planning a wedding is incredibly exciting but can also be stressful. However, once you choose the location and the venue, everything else falls into place. I have composed this Sicily wedding guide to make the process easier for you. Sicily is the largest island in Italy, filled with gorgeous beaches, quaint landscapes, charming villages, and even a volcano - Mount Etna. It offers numerous wedding locations and venues ideal for dreamy photographs with the most otherworldly backdrops. If you have ever considered having your big day in Italy, this sunny island should be your choice!


Why is getting married in Sicily a good idea?

Sicily is undoubtedly one of the most beautiful destinations in the entire world. Surrounded by three seas, this place is full of amazing landscapes and gorgeous architecture. The island has a history dating back to ancient times, and it was even mentioned in Homer's poems.

It has various incredible tourist attractions, such as the volcano, the sea, and mountains. Thousands of people visit Sicily every year to enjoy the amazing views and fun outdoor activities. The only problem with Sicily is that once you get there, you do not want to leave!

Numerous couples decide to get married in the plethora of Sicily wedding venues this island has to offer, and they never regret it. The atmosphere and natural aesthetic are ideal for luxurious ceremonies, elopements, intimate outdoor weddings, and everything else you can imagine. You just need to envision what kind of wedding you want, and you will be able to realize it here!

As it is located in the Mediterranean Sea, Sicily offers a myriad of breathtaking spots for you to tie the knot. Say ''I do'' as the waves are crashing against the shore and the warm wind is swaying your gown ethereally. Have the most magical sunset wedding photos as you exchange vows in a scenery that is bound to take your breath away.

When is the best time for a wedding in Sicily?

When choosing a wedding date, there are numerous factors that you need to consider. For example, you have to think about venue availability, your guests' calendars, and so on. Another detail that you need to keep in mind is the weather!

Sicily is absolutely stunning during all seasons. Due to its Mediterranean climate, the temperature is almost always enjoyable. However, many Italians claim that the best weather is during Spring or Fall as it is neither too hot nor cold.

It is constantly sunny, but there is a lovely breeze to keep your senses refreshed. Hosting a summer wedding is also an amazing idea, as the wind and the waves will keep you comfortable! However, if you don’t like crowds, I would recommend avoiding this season. Winter ceremonies are not uncommon, but if you want a true Sicilian wedding, I would recommend Spring!

To avoid the rainy season, think about having your big day in March or April. The weather is generally mild, and the landscape is simply out of this world. As everything awakens, the blooming flowers and greenery envelop your senses – trust me, you will be spoilt by dreamy scapes and incredible colors.

The abundance of scents and radiant plants simply gives out a different kind of energy. As a bonus, not too many tourists visit Sicily at this time of the year, so you will be able to explore the island freely. I hope that this part of my Sicily wedding guide will come in handy when you decide to sit down and pick a date for your iconic day!

How much does a wedding in Sicily cost?

Much like every other destination celebration, a wedding in Sicily costs varies based on your personal preferences. There are quite a few expenses that you need to keep in mind. However, the experience that you get and the incredible scenery, warmth, and unique amenities are all worth it in the end!

The average price for getting married in Sicily is around $35000. Of course, the biggest expense will be the venue. This depends on the location and the number of your invitees.

Some couples decide to hire a Sicily Wedding Photographer, or a planner, to include special vendors – which of course, adds to the price. You will also need to think about travel and accommodation costs, so make sure to plan this in time. In addition, if you hire a planner, they will certainly be of great help with organizing your budget and prioritizing.

One thing that you shouldn’t worry about is grandeur or lavishness concerning the decor, as the island itself takes care of that. No additional ornamentation can compete with Sicily's natural and poetic beauty. Still, bear in mind that choosing a location with a lovely view might elevate the price.

Apart from this, there is also the cost for your reception dinner, which only depends on the number of guests and the venue that you choose. Generally, your celebration will cost around $170 per person. You can get the most elegant and glamorous dinner venue that will keep your guests in awe, reveling in the uniqueness of the Sicilian charm and cuisine.

Overall, if you are in for a magnificent wedding day, you do not have to worry about your wedding in Sicily cost. There is no price too high for an invaluable experience. As a bonus, with a Sicily wedding photographer, you can capture the most incredible photos to eternalize your special chapter in this majestic destination.

Sicily Wedding Venues

I believe that giving you venue ideas is an inevitable part of my Sicily wedding guide. So much planning goes into this event, and choosing the perfect spot for the ceremony and reception can be quite challenging. For example, you have to think about the number of guests, the design, the theme, and whether the place is available on a particular day.

Regardless, once you choose the venue, you can plan everything else accordingly. It is important to book a place months prior to your special day, as most venues tend to be occupied when the wedding season begins. For that reason, let me shed some light by bringing you the top ten locations for your wedding in Sicily. Have a look:

Taormina Wedding Venues

Whether you want a small and intimate affair or a large celebration, Taormina is the perfect place to host your special day. You can have a lovely outdoor ceremony with the most incredible backdrops. The venues offer magical views of the beach, the volcano, and the Greek Theater.

Have the most amazing pictures under the orange sky during sunset on one of the terraces. This charming village allows you the opportunity to behold stunning landscapes while you tie the knot overlooking the Mediterranean Sea!

San Domenico Palace

Best Wedding Venues In Sicily

The San Domenico Palace Hotel, recently overtaken by the Four Seasons, sits in a truly magnificent setting that has attracted guests since ancient times. A luxury 5-star hotel in an ancient Dominican monastery, it has views over Mount Etna and Taormina Bay on the east coast of Sicily. Countless famous writers, artists, and composers came here to savor this unique spot at the very tip of Italy. The hotel features many enviable features that make for a stunning setting for a wedding celebration.

Belmond Grand Hotel Timeo

Best Wedding Venues In Sicily

Set in the heart of Taormina, next to the Ancient Greek Theatre, the Belmond Grand Hotel Timeo serves up views that have enchanted those in the know for over a century.

The first hotel to be built in the city gazes out across the coast towards Mount Etna and beyond.

Probably the most luxurious hotel in town, with one of Italy’s most dramatic and classic backdrops, this location is chosen time and time again by discerning couples.

Here you and your guests can soak up all the senses of Sicily.

During a wedding at Grand Hotel Timeo, you can enjoy moments of celebration in immaculate gardens, be treated to sensational cuisine and be inspired by the classical beauty that surrounds you.

The hotel’s location close to the center of Taormina makes it a great choice if you are opting for a church wedding; since you and your guests can take a stroll through the beautiful town as you go from one venue to the next, surely receiving lots of smiles and attention along the way!

Taormina Greek Theater

Best Wedding Venues In Sicily

For a truly unique wedding location, lucky couples can choose to hold their ceremony in the ancient and spectacular setting of the Taormina Greek Theatre.

One of the most exclusive and special wedding venue in Sicily, a wedding at the Taormina Greek Theatre will be sure to create vivid and lasting memories for both couples and their guests.

Set in a breathtaking location with an unbeatable view of Mount Etna and the beautiful coastline of the Ionian Sea through the ancient Greek-Roman pillars, a ceremony at the theatre is truly a dream-come-true moment.

A wedding in the Taormina Greek Theater is the ultimate privilege and exclusive experience in Sicily, where you will feel as though the whole city is yours!

Castelmola town

The medieval village of Castelmola, perched high above Taormina, is the perfect location for those looking to celebrate their wedding in true local style and it is also our favorite Sicily wedding venue as it allows us to recreate a proper and real typical Sicilian feast!

Imagine having a charming medieval village all to yourself, set as the stage for a modern yet authentic Sicilian celebration. Then add participation of the local community to this unique setting, joining in the festivities and adding to the joyful atmosphere.

The result is the most memorable party that will exceed your expectations and allow your guests experience the essence and warmth of real Sicily.

Ragusa Wedding Venues

The old town of Ragusa is one of the most stunning wedding destinations that Sicily offers. It is ideal for themed weddings with its rich history and Baroque architecture. This region is perfect for any kind of wedding you want!

From old castles to luxurious palaces, Ragusa has it all! Make sure to check out the beautiful gardens and vineyards if you wish to have a stylish outdoor event.

Villa Fegotto Rustic Wedding Venue In Sicily

One of the most beautiful Sicilian venues with rustic feeling is Villa Fegotto – a historical feudal estate that has enjoyed a remarkable history, growing in prestige and beauty. Luxury Villa Fegotto is the perfect place to hold weddings and special events, whether it’s on the ground floor of the main house, in the oil mill, or in the barn, or else outdoor in the courtyards and gardens. Villa is a dream venue for a rural or typical Sicilian wedding in the countryside.

Castello Donnafugata Luxury Wedding Venue In Sicily

If you’re still not convinced by any of the famous venues, try finding the ideal one yourself by watching the movies filmed in magical castles. Inspire yourself! One of the most mysterious Italian castles used in cinematographic production is located in Sicily. Fabulous Castello Donnafugata in the province of Ragusa is the most fascinated venue for a ceremony or reception. Recently fully restored, the Castle, with its white façade and Venetian Gothic loggia. However, skeptical sources have come to the conclusion that the name Donnafugata refers to an existing Arabic expression meaning “Source of Health”, translated afterward into the Sicilian language as “Ronnafuata“. 

Aeolian Islands Wedding Venues

Eolian venues are ideal for your Sicily Wedding photographer to capture the most majestic photos of your beach ceremony. The Eolian area consists of 7 islands which are a huge tourist attraction. Numerous couples had their glamorous weddings overlooking the volcanos, the beach, and magnificent villas! It is no wonder that this destination attracts a multitude of celebrities every year, looking to get away and have a luxurious holiday.

Quartara Boutique Hotel

Quartara is a Boutique Hotel in the Aeolian Islands, the first 4-star hotel in Panarea. Located in the heart of the island, a few hundred meters from the port, the Hotel is in a panoramic position and not far from the center of Panarea. A warm and family atmosphere will welcome you upon your arrival at the Hotel, in a setting characterized by a terrace overlooking the sea and the stacks, the soft colors typical of the Aeolian style, the smells of the Mediterranean and the green of the surrounding Nature.

Quartara Hotel in Panarea is also a haven of well-being and an unforgettable gastronomic experience, thanks to the exclusive wellness area and the typical dishes of the Sicilian tradition, cooked by Daniela Cappelli, chef of the Broccia restaurant.

Perfect for intimate couples or weddings, you can choose to celebrate your symbolic ceremony on the beach or on the private terrace overlooking the Aeolian Islands of your suite. Dinner, relaxed and tailored to your wishes, can be an informal cocktail on the terrace or a typical Sicilian dinner in their small and exclusive restaurant.

Therasia Resort – Vulcano

The sunset that ignites the air, the Eolian islands with their blurred contours standing out on the horizon and an island, Vulcano, with its wild charm. The Therasia Resort Sea & Spa, set on the promontory of Vulcanello, dominates this breathtaking panorama.

An exclusive retreat with soft, Mediterranean lines that blend with the harmonious Aeolian architecture formed by typical pulere, cannizzi and arches facing the sea. The rooms of the elegant and romantic Therasia, the only 5-star hotel in the Aeolian archipelago, recall the wild elements of this land thanks to the wise use of the materials of the area: from lava stone to terracotta, passing from cedar to olive wood. The thousand shades of soft colors relax the spirit, which will find its natural balance in the full silence of this oasis.

At Therasia Hotel, we could create a welcome bio aperitif with a stunning view or a farewell pic-nic, while setting up the ceremony just in front of the unique sea strait between Vulcano island and Lipari. The starred restaurant Il Cappero can host a gourmet dinner with a show cooking that every guest will remember forever. During your uber relaxed time in Vulcano, you could enjoy yoga lessons in the morning or cooking classes to stay deeply in touch with the best of Sicilian culture.

Principe Di Salina – Salina

The breathtaking views of Stromboli, Panarea and the limitless Aeolian Sea set the tone for your stay in this oasis of refinement in a rugged natural setting.

Each of the 12 rooms is elegantly appointed and features a private terrace overlooking the picturesque landscape and sea.

Luxe amenities, boutique hospitality and classic Sicilian touches welcome you, and the infinity pool and geothermal spa tub transport you to pure bliss.

Principe di Salina is the ideal setting for your wedding and celebrations, with manicured grounds including an indoor living area with computer, libraries and fireplace, extra spacious terraces and solarium. 

Nestled among the vineyards of Malvasìa (local sweet vine), this charming boutique hotel was designed in the traditional Aeolian style influenced by Sicily invasions during history.
Relax and take in exquisite sea views from the infinity pool and geothermal spa tub nestled in the lush vegetation or the Aeolian bar.

The spa tub is fed by a geothermal aquifer 80 mt. deep. The temperature reaches a soothing 40° C, able to melt the cares of the world away.

Lisca Bianca Hotel – Panarea

Lisca Bianca with its central position in front of the touristic harbor has breathtaking views of the sea and the other little islands that are located in front of Panarea. The hotel is divided in small buildings surrounded by wonderful gardens with local flowers and plants. Each sea view room has its own terrace with astonishing views of the sea and guests can lounge in the bar on the main terrace of the hotel from sunset till late night.

Free WiFi is offered on the main terrace and lobby of the hotel. From here it’s possible to have boat trips around the islands to visit its small bays and to continue onto Stromboli island to be able to see the famous “sciara di fuoco” (an active volcano that lights up the sky with fireworks sparks of blazing orange lava).

What about a welcome aperitif on a terrace overlooking the Panarea harbor before enjoying a Sicilian dinner with the sea breeze refreshing you?

Capofaro Resort

Capofaro was born from the love for the vineyard and the sea of the Tasca d’Almerita family, important wine producers from generations. A spectacular estate on the island of Salina designed for friends, guests and all travelers with taste, in the name of the best Mediterranean hospitality. Capofaro is the maximum expression of Salina, the most authentic of the Aeolian Islands: an inn surrounded by wine rows overlooking the sea, where Malvasia, a typical island wine, is produced.

Aeolian Islands are the perfect place to enjoy warm Sicilian hospitality, surrounded from wild Nature while being pampered by high end services and a human warmth that only people from the South can treat.

Siracusa Wedding Venues

A Sicily wedding guide without this amazing destination does not make any sense. Say “I do” surrounded by beautiful villas and old castles. Enjoy the old-world charm, warm temperature, and lovely landscape as you exchange vows with your significant other. The place is not only ideal for a wedding, but you might as well plan a honeymoon here!

Castel Del Solacium

One of the most beautiful wedding venues close to Ortigia Island is located in the countryside of Syracuse. Amazing medieval castle immersed in the vineyard. Castello Solacium is a fabulous wedding location in Syracuse. I love this place! Especially the secret corners of an ancient garden are the perfect backdrop for your wedding photos. Owner of the Castel – Famiglia Pupillo offers international guests Wine Tasting in the splendid buildings where the cellar is located, accompanied by a selection of quality products, creating a refined blend of Mediterranean food and wine culture.

Organize your rehearsal dinner or wedding reception in this magical Sicilian castle and create an unforgettable experience for the wedding guests that combines wines, history, and nature. May I  recommend Castello Solacium to any future couples looking for an intimate, romantic venue that oozes character & beauty.

Grand Hotel Minareto Sicily Wedding Resort

The beautiful venue – Minareto Seaside Luxury Resort & Villas is the ideal setting for luxury weddings at any time of year in Sicily.

For summer weddings the amazing outdoor areas are a stunning location with wonderful views of Ortigia Island or over little bays with crystal-clear waters. And for winter weddings there are elegant, modern indoor areas with lighting design and precious marbles.

The Minareto Seaside Luxury Resort & Villas is a luxury seaside resort located right in front of the beautiful island of Ortigia surrounded by crystal-clear waters of the Plemmirio Nature Reserve.

Hotel Minareto is a dream venue in Syracuse for outdoor ceremony grounds a splendid setting dominated by the sea and the sky.

Tonnara Di Scopello Wedding Venue

If are you looking for a really special, beautiful wedding venue in Italy and if your dream vision is a rustic location with accommodation and private beach, space outdoor and indoor for an intimate ceremony with an astonishing view, this dream venue you can find in Sicily! Sicilian coast is rich in bucolic sites as the Tonnara di Scopello venue.

Tonnara di Scopello venue is a private museum & resort immersed in natural Reserve Dello Zingaro close to Palermo in Sicily Island.  The history of this place is a unique testimony of the tradition of tuna fishing. The complex, naturally protected by the two stacks, was also guarded by two watchtowers, one from the Middle Age and the other from the 15th century. Recently Tonnara was a filming location for famous movies as Ocean Twelve or Detective Montalbano.

Since Tonnara di Scopello is a celebrity favorite location, there is no shortage of exclusive villas that offer fuss-free all-inclusive services. So, looking for a beautiful wedding venue in Italy and comfortable accommodations for your guests and family will be easy-peasy. You can opt for a boat ride to your favorite private beach or cove to say those special vows to your beloved.

Villa La Limonaia in Catania

Have you ever thought about having a movie-style wedding? Villa La Limonaia Venue offers peace and serenity in one of its radiant gardens for couples who want to have a luxe and whimsical experience at the same time. This extravagant venue will adorn your event with glamour and quintessential Sicilian flair.

I hope my Sicily wedding guide was helpful to anyone interested in having a true Italian wedding. If you would like to get the most magical photos from your wedding in Sicily, feel free to get in touch! I would love to portray your love story and create timeless memories.

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